What is Vision Technology Inc?

We are an advanced camera development firm striving to empower businesses with wide field-of-view video and imaging solutions.


Vision Technology provides several hardware and software technologies for imaging professionals. These include advanced imaging products and image manipulation software for capturing and viewing panoramic and hemispherical images with clarity and precision. Our goal is to improve the quality and utility of images by providing a large field-of-view, high dynamic range, and infinite depth-of-field.



The HemView is our newest product and it features a 360 degree field-of-view. It produces real-time, seamless, uniform resolution at 30 frames-per-second. It has all of the features of regular pan/tilt cameras but without any moving parts.




Our legacy camera is the NiCam Imaging System. It offers a panoramic, seamless field-of-view. It features Omnifocused Technology which allows all objects in view to remain in focus regardless of their distance from the camera. It also has ability to estimate the depth of given scene points.



Our HemViewTM imaging product takes advantage of special hardware to produce a single perspective view of a large scene. It provides uniform resolution throughout the entire hemispherical image. A custom user interface provides motorless pan-tilt control for live viewing of the entire scene.

These products are supported by a custom FireWire backbone for high-speed image transfer allowing multiple images to be analyzed and transformed into final image, with HemViewTM these can be completed and displayed at customary video rates.


  • Primary window shows current area of interest
  • Auxiliary views can be oriented to ‘Keep an Eye On’ specific scene parts (e.g. Door, Safe, etc.)
  • ‘Bird’s-Eye’ view showing entire covered area, with main window orientation outlined and indicators showing auxiliary view locations
  • Auxiliary views can be easily transferred to the primary window with a single click
  • Allows an arbitrary number of pan/tilt windows to shown simultaneously
  • Allows pan/tilt window operation without moving parts


  • User Interface with standard quad split view


The hardware for our NicamTM imaging product produces a focusing capability from 1ft to infinity; this, in conjuction with software capable of determining proper focus and depth estimation, provides unmatched abilities to produce panoramic images with all objects in focus. Our image processing technologies are capable of producing 360-degree images without a single seam. Our experience in producing user interfaces allows navigation through these images, which are shown under perspective projection to eliminate familiar curvature distortions in traditional panoramic images.


Images from the products offered by Vision Technology.



A sphere view


A Bird’s eye view




Panoramic Views

Video Gallery

Videos of the products offered by Vision Technology.


Split Six Window Mode

Bird’s Eye Window mode




Company Profile

Vision Technology is an Illinois corporation with its facility in Champaign. The main focus of the company is in transferring and developing advanced research concepts and technologies into innovative products. Vision Technology obtains patents for these technologies and builds product prototypes and production units.Vision Technology’s engineers and consultants are researchers in the field of computer vision, which underlies our products. Research allows them to become exposed to these technologies, many of which are good targets for transfer. Our development team has a knowledge base that includes an embedded software developers with expertise in the areas of hardware design and prototyping and a mechanical engineers with industrial hardware and software design expertise.

Core Advantage

Our founder and president is a well-known expert in the field of computer vision with collaborations with many research laboratories around the world. Vision Technology is based in the University of Illinois’ Research Park which provides opportunities and resources for company development and strategy formulation.We will continue to patent our inventions. Currently our HemViewTM and NicamTM technologies are patented within the US and Europe. We use the basic inventions to devise multiple types of applications in different markets, thus maximizing the impact of original ideas. In addition, we have developed custom camera calibration techniques and hardware over many years that we safeguard as trade secrets.



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